Dark Matter Noise Kill It With Industrial-Goth Odyssey ‘Blackwing’

" ...the most exciting and daring gothic band coming out of the Pacific Northwest, with a hot contender for northwest album of the year just a few months into 2016. ... Dark Matter Noise are masters when it comes to taking familiar sounds and styles that maybe you could find elsewhere and elevating them to a whole new level of grandiosity and newness. ... If Blackwing isn’t enough to launch Dark Matter Noise into the upper echelon of nationally renowned Seattle bands, I don’t know what is.”
March/2016 - Northwest Music Scene


"...Sonically speaking, the album’s first single and title track "Blackwing" sounds as though it draws from Ministry, Depeche Mode and early Nine Inch Nails as layers of buzzing guitars, industrial clang and clatter, propulsive and forceful drum programming and drumming and swirling electronics are paired with guttural yet crooned vocals. And although the song and the material on the album is reportedly inspired by a number of very dark things –the dissolution of a marriage, the lost of years of recordings and demos and so on — there’s a sense of resilience just underneath the murky surface."
January/2016 - The Joy of Violent Movement

CD Review: Dark Matter Noise "Blackwing"

"...Almost everything on here is in contrast to something else... As much as the synth can take you into darkness, there are piano keys to take you into the light. I might no longer be the person who listens to all of the music I listened to as a youth, but enough of it stuck around for me (Nine Inch Nails, for example-- can't recall the last time I listened to Marilyn Manson though) that I can still hear it in here, haunting me, while yet offering something new that I haven't quite heard before and so in that way it appeals to the current me. It is certainly difficult if not seemingly impossible to find that balance of old and new, but Dark Matter Noise has managed to do just that."
April/2016 - Raised By Gypsies

Time to get industrial with Seattle's Dark Matter Noise

"...haunting vocals and a wall of sound, that surely works. My favourite part is actually the first few seconds, which basically sounds like drums that inmates would play..."
Feb/2016 - The Pefrect Scene

Dark Matter Noise - A rare Stranger listing :)

"Dark Matter Noise releases their album of dark chaotic noise rock."
April/2016 The Stranger Magazine



The new album features Eric Peterson from Electric Hellfire Club. Mastered by Tad Doyle, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth / TAD (SubPop)

Together Alone

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Dark Matter Noise - Blackwing (2016)

Al Tompkins / Music, Lyrics, Vocals and Guitars
Charlie Drown / Lyrics and Vocals (Hell's Frozen and Open Wide)
Eric Peterson / Drums (Open Wide)
Vladimir Potroski / Music on End of Line

Produced and mixed by Al Tompkins, Mastered by Tad Doyle

Dark Matter Noise - Together Alone (2011)

Al Tompkins / Music, Lyrics, Vocals
Charlie Drown / Lyrics and Vocals
Juan Gomez / Drums
Greg Gilmore / Bass, Drums, Keyboards

Produced by Al Tompkins, Mixed and Mastered by Greg Gilmore


Dark Matter Noise | Photo by Mike Emigh
Dark Matter Noise | Photo by Mike Emigh
Dark Matter Noise | Photo by Mike Emigh

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Blackwing was mastered at Witch Ape Studios

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